Rachel Libeskind


© Rachel Libeskind, 2015

*1989 in Milan, Italy
1989-2003 Berlin, Germany
2003-2007 New York, NY
2007-2011 Cambridge, MA
2007-2011 B.A. Cum Laude from Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
with a degree in Visual Studies and Comparative Literature
2011- Present Brooklyn, NY

May 2016​​ The Traveling Bag: performance in a site-specific installation in Berlin-Mitte, produced by curatorial body, Wild Palms (SOLO)
May 2016 Sacred Trash, My Genizah: commissioned installation by the Center for Jewish History, located on 16 E15th street, NYC (SOLO)
September 2015 ​​Salon Society, the book edition: salon hosted by curator Fabiola Alondra, Brooklyn,NY
September 2015​​ START Fair, Saatchi & Saatchi, London U.K.
September 2015 ​​“Conceived without Sin”, Radiator Gallery, Long Island CIty, NYC
June 2015 The Traveling Bag: A Performance as a part of Young Artists at the Chelsea Festival, Hotel Chelsea, NYC. Art direction and performance (SOLO)
May 2015 The Traveling Bag: A performance with live experimental music, McCarren Park Hotel (SOLO)
May 2015 ​​Art Miami Fair, a part of the No Longer.Empty booth, Pier 94 NYC
May 2015 ​​Salon Society, private salon hosted by Fabiola Alondra, Brooklyn, NY
February 2015 ​​The Rachel Libeskind Society, Hansel&Gretel/Pocket Utopia, 511 W 22nd street, NYC (SOLO)
February 2015 ​​“Winter Tales”, Alludo Room, Kitzbuhel, Austria
December 2014 ​​Performed in Alexandra Marzella’s work, “Literally Bye” at the Standard Hotel as a part of Art Basel 2014
October 2014​​ Artecho, SunWest Studios NYC
July 2014 ​​The Traveling Bag: A ritual performance, Festival di Spoleto, Italy [curated by Achille Bonito Oliva] (SOLO)
June 2014 ​​“Traces: A group Exhibition”, Gowanus (Brooklyn), NY
May 2013 ​​“Rich White Men”, Alludo Room, Rome, Italy (SOLO)
May 2014 ​​Enter: National Lithuanian Arts Festival, Vilnius, Lithuania
February 2014 ​​New Patron Presents: an Exhibition 355 Bowery, NYC
December 2013 ​​“15 WARREN: a group show downtown” 15 Warren Street, NYC
November 2013 ​​“The Jewel Box Revue” Hansel & Gretel / Pocket Utopia, 511 W 22nd street, NYC
April 2013​ ​LABOEXPO Performance and Installation, Foro Buonaparte 60, Milano (SOLO)
March 2013 ​​Decenter Armory: An exhibition on the centenary of the 1913 Armory show (online)
March 2013 ​​“The Wild West”, Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden 511 W 20th Street, NYC (SOLO)
Feb 2013​​ “RE:SANDY” A Benefit Auction 47 Broadway, NYC
October 2012 ​​SALON ZURCHER: Galerie Zurcher, Paris, France
May 2012 ​​“TWO-D” GRASSGRASS 10 Vyner Street, London, UK
December 2011 ​​“Rachel Von Libeskind“ Hansel & Gretel Picture Garden 511 W 20th Street, NYC (SOLO)
May 2011 ​​“O Pioneers!“ Carpenter Center, Harvard University Cambridge, MA’

October 2015 ​​AMERICAN GOTHIC an original opera presented with a multichannel video installation at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY
October 2015 ​​SEAPORT STUDIOS commissioned installation at the Howard Hughes corp. funded concept space at the former port of New York.
September 2015 ​​CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN commissioned installation of a nativity scene, with a performance at Radiator Gallery in Long Island City, NY
June 2015 ​​COWBOY MOUTH set-design for the inaugural festival at the new Chelsea Hotel, NYC
February 2015 ​​LA VOIX HUMAINE site-specific installation for a modernist opera, Bas Fisher Invitational, Miami (Funded by the Knight Foundation)
January 2013 ​​HEALTHCARE a multimedia installation and theatrical production at Parade Ground at 187 East Broadway, NYC

2015 Accepted into the Scuola di Grafica, Venice (to be completed in 2016)
2015​​​ Nominated for the Rema Hortmann Fellowship grant (pending award)
2015​​​ Accepted to HEIMA, Seydisfyodor, Iceland (Yet to be completed)
2015 ​​​Accepted to 3331 Chiyoda Residency in Tokyo (Yet to be completed)
2014​​​ Accepted to Arteles Residency in Finland (Yet to be completed)
March 2014 ​ ​ART STUDENTS LEAGUE Residency, Sparkill, NY
February 2014​ ​BERLIN COLLECTIVE ARTIST-IN-RESIDENCE, 34 34TH Street, Brooklyn, NY
November 2012 ​​NACHT/MACHT residency at The Watermill Center, Long Island, NY