Park Hyunsung

© Park Hyunsung, 2016


*1991 in Busan, South-Korea
2010 – 2011 Ceramic Design, Sangmyeong University, South-Korea
2013 – 2015 Studying skulpture and installation (Klasse Pitz), AdBK München
since 2015 Studying painting and graphic (Klasse Kogler), AdBK München
2014 Composition and curation, an exhibition of Georg Adeagbo,in Bayreuth, Germany

2014 Jahresausstellung (annual exhibition) AdBK, München
2014 Kolosssaal in AdBK, München
2014 Dual exhibition, titled ’what happened and what will happen.’, München
2015 Group exhibition, Verein für Original-Radierung, München
2015 Jahresausstellung(annual exhibition) in garden, AdBK, München
2016 Solo exhibition in KHG LMU, München
2016 Jahresausstellung {annual exhibition} AdBK,München _ Neubau im Foyer
Akademieverein Preis der Jahresausstellung 2016
2016 International Print Biennale 2016_Print Awards Exhibition: Gallery North,Newcastle, UK