Mariusz Wildeman

©Mariusz Wildeman, 2015

Mariusz Wildeman (b. September 23, 1979) obtained a MA in Paintings from the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Wrocław Poland in 2013. He graduated with honour and received an award from the Minister for the Best Graduate Project „New Digital Reality”. He is mostly inspired by design aesthetics of Japanese electronics made in mid 80’s: angular shapes, fluorescent leds, colourful graphics and pictograms. He is a collector of those vintage items, his studio is surrounded by them like a paintings on the walls. This is what drives him to find the best shapes and colours, and create his paintings. Currently Mariusz Wildeman is pursuing his Phd In fine arts at the Academy of Fine Arts In Wrocław. His Works were widely exhibited In Poland, at The Great Armoury, Gdańsk and Bwa Studio Wrocław among others. He lives and Works In Wrocław, Poland.