Shumin Lin I

© Lin Shumin, 2016


*1986, TAIWAN (ROC)

We are PHD and Master students from IAA, NCTU, Taiwan. And our two-person team has been involved in a number of trans-culture collaborations involving calligraphers, programmers, stage lighting artists and dancers. Among them are the choreography and video performance “Eternal Return“, video and illustration interactive work “Thumbelina”, Calligraphy and dance works, interactive calligraphy line works … etc., through years of trans-culture cooperations ,we aware of the importance of communion of the viewer perception and visual art , from combination of dance and technology art, through science and technology media, perception of the dance’s body will transfer into the viewer’s vision, and that is what the group exploring over the years —— the dialogue between visual arts and contemporary body.

We can review the relationship between the viewer and the image by the feedback of the viewer through the publication of many works, so as to correct the blind spots and problems in the art. Comparing to the visual expression pattern,we think it is more importance to the relationship between the viewer and the image, showing the true face of the visual art to the viewer. It is our most stressed qualities to change the role of the creator into the metaphor symbols of the field, so that the viewer or the dancers can lead themselves to experience the art of the situation. Our team sublimate the concept of art into a practice possible and in an attempt to find a new multi-angle presentation of contemporary art.