Junko Torii

©Junko Torii, 2015

1978 born in Japan.
lives in Kasugai-shi, Aichi.

December 2008
first solo exhibition „dialog“ (in HEART FIELD GALLERY)

September 2009
solo exhibition „evergreen“ (in Village Green Tea Room)

June 2010
solo exhibition „eu re ka“ (in HEART FIELD GALLERY)

May 2011
solo exhibition „Oil painting exhibition“(in Tukinoniwa)

November 2011
solo exhibition „Kind of blue“ (in HEART FIELD GALLERY)

solo exhibition „Ebony and Ivory“(in Cafe BERGEN)

February 2013
solo exhibition „+mind“ (in Cafe GRASSE)

September 2013
solo exhibition „echo“ (in HEART FIELD GALLERY)

Group exhibition „New world opening exhibition“ (in K.Art Studio)

February 2014
Group exhibition „Exhibition of the small picture” (in Gallery-G)

October 2014
Art festival (in Nagakute-city)

April 2015
Group exhibition „Space exhibition“ (in K.Art Studio)

May 2015
solo exhibition „DOCOZO“ (in HEART FIELD GALLERY)