GeoVanna Gonzalez

© GeoVanna Gonzalez, 2015

*1989 in Los Angeles, California
BFA from Otis College of Art and Design
Lives and works in Berlin, Germany

2015 Climax // 5 Days Of Future, Erratum Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2015 All You Can Eat, Kreuzberg Pavillon, Berlin, Germany
2015 I’d Rather Be A Goddess Than A Cyborg, Kleiner Salon, Berlin, Germany
2015 The Truth About Everything, Erratum Galerie, Berlin, Germany
2014 Tinsel Town, Das Gift, Berlin, Germany
2014 A Swan Insets On A White Spread, The Gym, Berlin, Germany
2013 Lineamenta, Beacon Arts Building, CA,USA
2011 One Night Stand In Italy, Piazza Delle Cinque, Roma
2011 Unknown Unknowns, Otis College of Art and Design, Los Angeles, CA
2011 GEM, Gallery 825, Los Angeles, CA
2011 Made in California, Brea Gallery, Brea, CA
2010 Get Together, Hancock Art and Design Center, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Deep Clean, Bolsky Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Circassian’s, Curiosities, and Conspiracies, Republic Gallery, Los Angeles, CA
2010 Hall (way) Happenings, Playa del Oro, Los Angeles, CA

2014 Berlin Art Collective
2012 Exceptional Drawing Grant
2012 Women’s Painters West Scholarship
2011 Los Angeles Artist Association
2011 National Portfolio Grant
2010 Otis Institutional Grant
2008 Sandpipers B.A. Scholarship