Anna-Maija Rissanen

© Anna-Maija Rissanen, 2016

*1983 born in Järvenpää Finland /soon after birth moved to Brussels until 1986
1995 moved to Brussels second time
2004-2009 Art studies, MFA in 2009 and teachers degree in Arts
2009 won first prize of 5000€ at Godecharle art competition Brussels
2009 moved to Finland, looking for roots and started doing more and more exhibitions
2012-2013 Studied a year in China Art Academy in Hangzhou traditional Chinese painting
2011, 2015, 2016 big solo exhibitions at Gallery Bronda, Helsinki, last two ones really successfuls
2014 starting to work with an art agent
2014-2016 taking parts to art fairs in Beijing, Guangzhou (China) and Arnheim (Holland) with Germain based LdX Artodrome gallery.