Alessandro Ambrosini

© Alessandro Ambrosini, 2013


He studied at the Academy of Art in Venice and he studed sociology Insityte of Sociology in Freie Universitat in berlin.
He lives in Berlin and Vicenza(italy).

Anno 2007 Workshop with Maria Papadimitriou
Anno 2007 Workshop Real Presence- Floating Sites , Istambul.
Anno 2006 Workshop with Adrian Paci in ViaFarini, Milan.
Anno 2006 Workshop with Antoni Muntadas in ViaFarini, Milano.

Spinola Banna, 2011, Poirino, Torino
Real Presence 2007 Belgrade-Istambul
Real presence 2006 Belgrade

Avantr gallery, London
2013 17th Japan Media Arts Festival, Japan
2013 VB21 gallery, Berlin
2013 Premio Combat- s special mention, Italy
2012 Bevilacqua la Masa Foundation, Venice
2012 Videokunst, berlin
2012 Videoneminute, Amsterdam
2012 Athens Video Art festival, Atene
2011 Spinola Banna foundation-residency
2010 Video it, Merz Foundation, Turin
2010 Camera Video, March FondationPadua;
2010 “Loop festival” Barcelona
2010 “Contact-s” Torre Annunziata, Naples
2009 “Biennale of Mediterran” Skopje
2009 “Refresh”, Civic Gallery of Monfalcone
2008 City One Minutes, Making video Portraits of the city of Las Vegas
2008 “190 artist for Care Of”, Care Of, Milan
2008 “The word is yours”, Milan
2008 “Archipelag08” Nova Goritza
2007”Abbiamo fatto bene ad uscire” with Paolo Toffoluti in Villa Butrio, Udine
2007 MKM, magacin u Kraljevica Marka, “Real Presence 07”, Belgrade
2007 Videoart-Yearbook 2007, Bologna by Renato Barilli, Bologna
2007 2VIDEO, network
2007 Gemine Muse 07 in Biella
2007 “Austerlitz”Ciocca Arte contemporanea gallery, Milan 2006-07 “Talk to the City 06” Careof- Fabbrica del vapore, Milan
2006 “40×40 Circa”Pad, in Veron.
2006 „Real Presence 06“, Belgrade by Biljana Tomic and Dobrila Denegri
2006 “Tende a Infinito” Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation in Venice
2005 “Honey –Money”,Assab- One, Milan, by Roberto Pinto and Gabi Scardi.
2003 50°VENICE BIENNNAL. Special project“RISERVA ARTIFICIALE”, with Cesare