YEO Daham

©YEO Daham, 2015

*in Seoul, 1984

2014 2014 Hermes Foundation Missulsang Nominated
2014 APEXART Residency, New York, USA
2013 seoul art space_Geumcheon Residency, Seoul, South Korea
2012 The 2nd Ilmac Art Prize
2011 Ccuull Pool Residence
2003 Graduated Haja Procution School

Solo & Duo Exhibition

2013 TIMBER!, Art Space Pool, Seoul (as collective AC Publishing)
2012 The Outpost of Floating Weeds, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul (with Yeo Hyejin)
2011 Domestic Dust Ground Control, Ccull Pool Residence Open Studio, Ccull Pool, Seoul

Group Exhibition

2014 Dead Fire, 2014 Hermes Foundation Missulsang,
2012 Exercise of Doing, Playtime, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul
2012 Don’t Worry, Be Worry, Ilmac Art Prize Exhibition, Boan Inn, Seoul
2012 A Vanishing Detective—Scrutinize a Detective, 2012 Busan Biennale, Busan Cultural Center, Busan
2012 Cabinet of Artists, Gallery 175, Seoul
2011 Fantasy Lineup, 2011 Label Market, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul
2008 Society for Artistic Publication, Gallery Factory, Seoul
2007 Missile, Han-ppyeom Gallery at Ssamzie Company, Seoul
2007 Heyri Manual Service 1.0, Heyri Pan Festival, Lee & Park Gallery, Paju
2006 2006 Artist Forum International: Public Moment, Gallery Sup, Seoul

Project and Performance

2012 Watching Fire, performance at Playtime, Culture Station Seoul 284, Seoul (collaboration with Ryu Jiwan)
2012 Totally Miss You Honesty, performance at The Outpost of Floating Weeds, Gallery Sangsangmadang, Seoul (collaboration with Ryu Jiwan)
2008 Junk Shop Project, project/performance at Seoul Design Olympiad 2008, Jamsil Sports Complex, Seoul (collaboration with mixrice)
2008 Walking in the Johnson Class, space design project at Community, Community, Arko Art Center, Seoul (collaboration with Yun Hamin)
2008 Earned but Lost, performance at Hope Network Opening Party: Tempest, Gallery Hut, Seoul
2007 fragile consumer project, at Yun Sabi Residence Program: It May Betray You, Insa Art Space, Seoul (collaboration with Yun Sabi)
2006 Experimental Exchange, Chuncheon Mime Festival, Chuncheon
2005 Noah No War / Peace Rock Concert, Paju
2004 Gyosil-emon, at Site 3: and Others—Minority, The 5th Gwangju Biennale, Gwangju

Books or Publication
Power Hug (a true story of a story of true love, a sexy promising talent), 2008
fragile consumer #2, 2007 (IAS Artist Book, Seoul)
2002 Column Dreaming Apartment, Hankyoreh Newspaper

Screenings, Talks, Conference

2012 Panel Discussion at Don’t Worry, Be Worry, Ilmac Art Prize Exhibition, Boan Inn, Seoul
2008 Earned but Lost screening at IAS Lounge: Macha Bang, Insa Art Space, Seoul
2005 Dreaming Apartment screening at the 6th Seoul Film Festival(SENEF), Seoul
2002 Presentation at EVA-GIFU2002(Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts), IAMAS, Kyoto, Japan

Graphic and Space Design

2012 Poster & Postcard Design, Brilliant Collaborators, ILMIN Museum, Seoul
2012 Meeting room design, Sempio Fermentation Research Center, Cheongwon
2011 Cover design, Ggak, Writing on the Edge (by An Yuri; AC Publishing, 2011)
2010 Shop interior design, Ssamzie, COEX, Seoul
2009 Identity design, Haja Production School
2008 Community Community Book Design, Arko Art Center, Seoul
2008 To Read Red Book, Haja Center, Seoul