Sybille Neumeyer

©Sybille Neumeyer, 2015

* 1982 Neumarkt i.d.Opf.
nomadic/travelling artist – currently in Berlin

2003-2008 Communication Design (diploma)/DE
2009-2011 MA Visual Communication/CH
2011-2012 AIR Akademie Schloss Solitude/DE
2012-2013 AIR Pogon/MSU Zagreb/HR
2013 AIR ARCUS-Project Ibaraki/JP
2014 AIR AIR HIAP Helsiniki/FI
2014-2015 AIR THAV Taipeh/TW

Sybille Neumeyer is a travelling designer, artist and visual researcher, based in Berlin. Her work focuses on phenomena and structures in science, culture and nature which she translates in installation works, videos or paper works, often based on methods of repetition, archiving and collecting. She uses scientific images, practices or devices as soil for inspiration.