© sKY_Associative, 2015

Kane Yanagawa
1978 Born in Miami, Flordia, USA.
sKY_Associative is a design group established by Prof. Kane Yanagawa at the National Cheng Kung University since 2014 with a focus in design and research devoted to exploring the potentials of computation and digital fabrication in art and architecture.
2014-present sKY_Associative, Design Principal
National Cheng Kung University, Asst. Prof.
2011 Asymptote Architecture, Architect
2009 Randall Stout Architects, Lead Designer
2005 Zaha Hadid Architects, Project Designer
2003 Art Center College of Design, N.A.
2000 University of California Los Angeles, M. Arch.
1996 University of Chicago, B.A.

Echo Charng-shin Chen
1989 Born in Taichung, Taiwan.
Since 2015 Ms. Echo Chen has been a fulltime designer at sKY_Associative developing digital project tools and exploring emergence in fabrication, with an emphasis on complex pattern formation, morphogenesis and texture presentation as creation motifs.
2013-present National Cheng Kung University, M.S.
2012 National Taipei University of Technology in Architecture, B.S.

2015 RESHAPE 15 : re-INFLATE shortlisted in Reshape-digital craft community, Barcelona, Spain..
2015 Hidden ARTifacts: re-INFLATE in Building Bridges Art Foundation, Los Angeles, California.
2014 CHIMEI _MODEX™ Filaments : LACE Lamp in The 23th International Optoelectronics Exposition,Taiwan.
2014 Tainan X Dutch Design Exhibition : Vector Series in The Place Tainan, Taiwan.
2014 Borderless Campus Project : Y-35 in C-HUB, Tainan, Taiwan.