Anni Garza-Lau

© Anni Garza-Lau, 2015

*1983 in Mexico City, Mexico.
2001-2005 Bachelor’s degree in Visual Arts at UAEM, in Mexico.
2005 Specialization stay at UPV in Valencia, Spain.
2006 Worked as videogame designer for Gameloft.
2007-2008 Art production fellowship holder by PECDA in Morelos, Mexico.
2009-2010 Art production fellowship holder by FONCA, CONACULTA. Mexico / selected for CUADRO exhibitions, Mexico.
2012 Selected in exhibitions for Aguascalientes, Mexico / Quebec, Canada / Venice, Italy.
2013-2014 Art production and research fellowship holder by CMM, Mexico.
Exhibitions at: Toolkit Festival, Venice, Italy / Transitio_MX05, Mexico City, Mexico / YICCA prize, Sofia, Bulgaria. / AIR at Werkleitz, Halle, Germany.
Art production fellowship holder by FONCA, CONACULTA, Mexico.
Honorary mention at Prisma Rectangular Prize, Mexico City / exhibitions at Unpainted digital art fair, Munich, Germany / White Cremnitz gallery, Mexico City / PAPIAM exhibition, National Arts Center, Mexico City / Festival della Scienza, Genoa, Italy.
Exhibition at Together gallery, Rome, Italy / Periferica Interactive and Digital Art Fest, Rome, Italy / #NotArt – solo exhibition at The Neon Rex gallery, Mexico City / FILE, São Paulo, Brazil / Imago Mundi – Luciano Bennetton collection, Venice, Italy / Meta Narrativas, Iberoamerican University, Mexico City / Pink Art Fair, Seoul, South Korea / Transitio_MX06.