Akira Otsubo

© Akira Otsubo, 2015

*1979 in Japan
2013(M.A. Photography)The Academy of Art, Architecture, and Design in Prague) on scholarship of Czech Republic government
2011 (M.A. Inter-Media Art)Tokyo National University of the Arts
2002 (BAPSY. Clinical Psychology)Kyoto Bunkyo University, Kyoto

2015 “Shadow in the House #01/#02” Nikon Salon [Japan, Tokyo] (SOLO)
2015 MUNIKAT Gallery [Germany, Munich] (SOLO)
2015 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery [US, NY]
2015 “Spectrum”at Bloom Gallery [Japan, Osaka]
2015 TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD Exhibition at G/P + g3/ gallery [Japan, Tokyo]
2014 Gallery UNITÉ KYOTOGRAPIE KG+ [Japan, Kyoto] (SOLO)
2014 Nara Art Festival Hanarart [Japan, Nara]
2013 Munikat Gallery [Germany, Munich] (SOLO)
2013 “Shadow in the House” Běhal Fejér Institute [Czech, Prague] (SOLO)
2013 “Lost Name of Plant” at VSUP [Czech, Prague] (SOLO)
2013 Staroměstská radnice v Praze , Prague city gallery at the Old Town Hall [Czech, Prague]
2013 Nordart [Germany, Budeldorf]
2013 ART SAFARI 25, Studio BUBEC [Czech, Prague]
2013 Munikat Gallery [Germany, Munich]
2012 Nikon Salon bis OSAKA [Japan, Osaka] (SOLO)
2011 Nikon Salon [Japan, Tokyo] (SOLO)
2012 “Hidden River” DOX Centre for contemporary art [Czech, Prague]
2012 “Cntrl +Save Me” Běhal Fejér Institute [Czech, Prague]

2015 Nishieda Foundation [Czech-Japanese Contemporary Art Exchange Exhibition in Kyoto]
2015 NOMURA Foundation [ MUNIKAT Gallery exhibition]
2015 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition at Agora Gallery [US, NY]
2014 Special Examiner Prize [selected by Shigeo Goto] at TOKYO FRONTLINE PHOTO AWARD [Tokyo]
2010 Special Examiner Prize [selected by Yasumasa Morimura] at MIO PHOTO AWARD [Osaka]