About artistic careers on the Internet

We live in a time of limitless possibilities. Online platforms are spreading like wildfire. Most users search for quick and easy answers. But the possibilities become increasingly unclear. ARTWARD has looked around for you and presents 6 online platforms that can be useful to you.


500px – an online photo community with success

500px is an online photo community that invites you to discover, share, buy and sell high quality photographs. Professional and amateur photographers find their place here and are invited to upload their best works. The name of the platform, founded in Toronto, refers to the image width 500 pixels, which has long been accepted as a suitable size for online presentations. Since 2014, 500px also offers graduated licensing for photographs as well as the opportunity to sell. The membership and the uploading of photographs is free of charge. The photographer is guaranteed a fee of 70% of the selling price.

In addition to its commitment to helping photographers and increasing their visibility, the company recently developed an easy-to-use global directory of photographers that can be searched for by topic as well as by location. The industry-leading global photo service serves customers such as Airbnb, Travel Corporation, Google and Lonely Planet. 500px also announced that it will work with Adobe Stock to offer Adobe users a choice of 500px impressions in the Adobe Stock Premium collection.

Our judgment: A simple page that is fun and convincing +++

ARTFINDER – a marketplace for originals

The platform, founded in 2011, aims to connect people with art and artists. It acts as an online gallery for artists who want to sell their works on the Internet. The London and Miami-based company has registered 8,000 artists from 108 countries on their site. Only originals and limited editions of independent artists or galleries are accepted. The site advertises with 500,000 art lovers who visit them regularly and records a strong growth. The use of the site is free for artists. For a sale, Artfinder receives 30% commission. An algorithm provides the users with daily advice.
The value of available art works at Artfinder amounted to £ 200 million in the fourth quarter of 2015. Membership certificates were accelerated to 1,500 per day in the fourth quarter of 2015. Sales in the fourth quarter of 2015 were 20% higher than the previous month.

Our judgment: An appealing, user-friendly site. Only criticism: we miss an expert selection ++

ArtStack – strong cooperations

ArtStack makes it possible to find art, share and learn about art. The site uses social media and the number of respective follower as a key element for the discovery of art and as a sign for the individual taste of the art lover. Large brands and names always promote a company’s reputation. Its collaboration with Christie’s delivered the first Crowd Sourcing auction in 2015, followed by a cooperation with the fashion designer Mary Katrantzou. The new iPhone app brought a redesign including geolocalized exhibition information. In 2015, more than 150,000 artists were uploaded to over one million works of art. The municipality grew by more than 200% in 2015.

Our judgment: Strong partners complement the success. A popular and familiar side at the same time. ++

ArtWeb – affordable art

ArtWeb is a site for independent artists. It also aims to bring artists and buyers together. The menu is short and simple. It advertises with affordable art for small budgets. Every artist can build their own “website” on the site and upload pictures for free. A search function makes it possible to adjust taste and price class. The annual membership fee is € 0.00 – € 117.50 depending on the service.
It is attractive that the site does not require a commission and the sales take place directly through the artist. Our experience, however, says that an intermediary organ can avert many questions and problems with regard to art purchases and guarantees.

Our judgment: an active side, on which each artist can design his own page. +

DegreeART – Investment in the future

DegreeART stands for an investment in artists of the future. The user can search by price, by topic, by media and by artists and can also be consulted online if necessary. The strikingly active side is aimed at young students or graduates of art. DegreeART has been active for 12 years and has established itself as the leading British online art gallery. Experience in dealing with art is also reflected in exhibitions in the real space, trade fair participations and an artists’ residency program. A one-time fee of £ 75 is charged. The selection of the artists goes through a jury.

Our judgment: the desire to promote the career of artists is believable +++

Saatchi Art – the market leader

Saatchi Art is the world’s largest online art gallery. The site offers over 500,000 original paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs from more than 60,000 emerging artists from more than 100 countries. Saatchi Art actively promotes his artists, offers free art advice and lets experts speak.
The site is free for artists. The sale via the platform appears uncomplicated. Artists receive 70% of the selling price. The marketing apparatus behind it is enormous. Artists are thus seen by artists and experts. Saatchi Art also takes care of the transport and of a smooth payment.

Curated exhibitions highlight artists. In May 2015, Saatchi Art won the Webby Award for his iOS mobile app. In addition, Saatchi presents art by emerging artists at trade fairs such as the “The Other Art Fair” in London, Sydney and Bristol. The number of transactions increases every month and the gross transaction value for 2015 was 12 million US dollars.

Our judgment: “We love artists”, so it is written on the page – the implementation is credible++++

“Never change a running system!” Almost all the websites follow the same scheme: a selection of a wide variety of artists, media and motifs, detailed information, order opportunities and social media. We recommend sites that are constantly visually strong, convincing through outstanding art, selecting experts, curated exhibitions and illuminating the background of the artist. All the above pages have been active for several years and a corresponding network has been established. They represent a great opportunity for artists who want to be active without gallery affiliation. Because: without interaction, no art! Art needs an audience that appreciates it.