Congratulations! The Awardees of 9th ARTWARD

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164 artists had applied for the 9th ARTWARD.

On Monday, February 20, the jury met:
Moritz Frhr. von Crailsheim (collector)
Jo van de Loo (gallery owner)
Ioannis Christoforakos (Collector)
Annalena Roters (Head of ARTWARD)
Dr. Annette Doms (founder ARTWARD)

The jury was entrusted with the difficult task of selecting three award winners. The jury not only judged the submitted works for outstanding artistic quality – innovation and a convincing positions were also important criterions.

We would like to congratulate the prize winners:

Lucía Cristobal Marín receives the ARTWARD
prize (€ 4,000)

Markus Hoffmann receives the ARTWARD
junior prize (€ 1,000)

The studio scholarship in Brussels is awarded to the artist Philipp Stähle.


Lucía Cristobal Marín (*1984) convinced the jury by her contemporary approach to painting. The artist is fascinated by digital images. On several levels, she asks how the image of painting can be assessed in the 21st century. Her work is based on two processes, construction-distancing, trying to understand two conflicting and ambiguous worlds. Digital image worlds are reinterpreted. The use of different materials and the development of rules as well as a narrative languages completes her work.

Markus Hoffmann (*1982) impressed the jury with his versatile spectrum of artistic media such as conceptual photography and time-based sculptures and installations. His work is consistently dealing with questions about time, place, personal stories and collective memory. The artist also deals with global topics, as well as questions about the changes of the world by humans and a new era, the anthropocene.

Philipp Stähle (*1982) receives the artist-in-residence stay in Brussels. The artist points to the basic structures of the picture with his motifs, such as chess boards, houses, color wedges. The chessboard acts on the one hand as a concrete, formal structure and at the same time the calculus, which constitute such a chess game, are represented in the picture, painted on a diffuse ground without a definite definition of the pictorial space.